Alain Genty
Alain Genty was born on September 22nd, 1958 in Nogent-Sur-Seine (France).

As a composer, self taught musician, bassplayer and singer, he was greatly influenced in his musical career by the numerous and diverse musicians he has met.

As a bass player, he helped create several progressive music bands:  DEXTER WARD, M.G.M. Trio (Brittany, 1981-1984), OPA-LOCKA (Laon, 1985-1988).

He then went on to record albums and tour with several artists :


As a composer, he worked from 1985 to 1988 for the theater :  Billy Mécanno (Laon, 1985); and for films (documentaries) :  Views on contempories art (1987), Le Minotaure (1988).

In 1989, contempory dance became his favorite subject.  His meeting with the choregrapher Josiane RIVOIRE lead him to write the score for shows like "Les petites affaires" 1989 and " Les tambours" (1991).  He has also collaborated with choregrapher Liz NOAKES for the ballet "Feet Forward (Zurich, 1989).

1989 was also the year Breton music became the other major force in the developpement of his artistic career.  He joined the group BARZAZ to record their first album "Ec'honder.  And in 1992, he recorded the group's second album "An den kozh dall".  He also joined the group DEN (from 1989 to 1991), and the group GWERZ in 1992 (recording of the album "Gwerz Live" in 1993).  He helped with several albums:  Jean-Michel Veillon's "E Koad Nizan" (1993), the group SKOLVAN's "Swing and Tears" (1994), and Didier Squiban's "Penn ar Bed" (1995).

Following the release of his first album "La Couleur du Milieu" (1994), he founded the Alain Genty Group which has performed in many concerts and festivals throughout Europe.  His second album, "Le Grand Encrier", was released in may 1998.

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